Production Operator

Production Operator
AMETEK - Reading Alloys (220 Old West Penn Avenue Robesonia, Pennsylvania 19551) http:
//www.reading-alloys.com /
1st Shift (6:
00AM Start)
90 days temp-to-perm

The training will be 1st shift 6 AM - 2PM but will eventually go to 2nd shift 2PM - 10PM. The time frame to transition to 2nd shift depends on the individual person. Also, we do make everyone aware that at any point in time it could be any of our shifts including 3rd shift 10PM - 6AM.

Summary of Position
In an assigned manufacturing area, follows defined Work Station Procedures to manufacturer, inspect, package and ship master alloys, metal powders, sintered materials, induction melted products and other similar materials.
Observes all applicable safety practices/procedures and operate 100% in compliance with the Company Quality System.
Maintain all documents, records and files to support Manufacturing activities.
Based on the demonstrated skill, knowledge, manufacturing expertise and compliance with Company safety and quality requirements, individuals in these positions will be classed by wage grade commencing with Labor Pool 2 and ending at Lead Operator 1.

Duties and Responsibilities
Operates mix station equipment, lift truck and hand tools to assemble and create raw material mixtures. Follows mix instructions to ensure 100% accuracy of mix. May operate equipment to create compacted Cold Isostatic Pressed (CIP) materials.
Operates thermite melt line equipment, electric furnaces and similar equipment to react, melt and/or sinter raw material mixtures.
Operates lift truck, sizing equipment, wheelabrator and hand tools to clean, crush, mill, screen and inspect (white light, UV light and automated x-ray) work in process to create finished product.
Completes and maintains all records and documents to support work area operations.
When the assigned work area changes to manufacture another product, operates a forklift and uses a variety of hand tools to clean the work area to prevent the cross-contamination of product. Disassembles and reassembles work area equipment. Thoroughly cleans all equipment, work surfaces and the work area for inspection by a Crew Leader or Supervisor.
Continually monitors the condition and operation of the work area lift trucks, lifting devices, manufacturing equipment, building and hand tools. Perform defined daily maintenance and properly stores all hand tools and equipment. When repairs or added maintenance is required, promptly notifies a Crew Lead to generate a Maintenance Work Order. Contacts a Crew Leader to replace expendable hand tools and to suggest changes and upgrades to work area equipment.

Materials, Tools and Equipment Used:

Required safety equipment includes hard hat, steel toe boots, industrial safety glasses, hearing protection, nomex coveralls, fire retardant jacket, aluminized leggings, face shields, work gloves and respirator.
Operates manufacturing equipment to include forklift, lifting devices, mixing equipment, pollution control equipment, crushing, milling, screen equipment, inspection equipment and hand tools such as chopping tools and cleaning equipment.

Position Requirements
High School or Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED).
Experience in a manufacturing environment desired.
The demonstrated ability to perform effectively as a member of a work team and to work individually to accomplish assigned tasks.

Don't Be Fooled

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