Job Description:
Temperature Extremes: When working Outdoors below 32 o and above 100 o
Based on the demonstrated skill, knowledge, manufacturing expertise and compliance with Company safety and quality requirements, individuals in these positions will be classed by wage grade commencing with Labor Pool - 2 and ending at Lead Operator - 1.
Position Requirements
High School or Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED). Experience in a manufacturing environment desired. The demonstrated ability to perform effectively as a member of a work team and to work individually to accomplish assigned tasks.
Duties and Responsibilities
1. In an assigned work area, perform the following tasks associated with the manufacturer of Company product:
a. Operate mix station equipment, lift truck and hand tools to assemble and create raw material mixtures. Follow mix instructions to ensure 100% accuracy of mix. May operate equipment to create compacted Cold Isostatic Pressed (CIP) materials.
Analysis of Physical Demands of the Position: 50lb lifting
Par Rate: $15.00
Hours: 6am -2pm

Don't Be Fooled

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